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Core Values

Our lifeblood has always been and always will be the recommendations of clients.

Our success is intimately tied to the satisfaction of our clients.

The best marketing we can do is good work.

We aim to exceed expectations.

We focus on results, not activities.

We view every client's problem as if it were our own.

We believe that every client should receive not only a high level of legal representation but also a feeling of service and caring.

No result is positive and no victory is absolute if a client has felt that their needs were not understood.

We serve our clients with a dedication to excellence, responsiveness, and care.

We humbly appreciate the trust placed upon us by those who call upon our services.

It is an honor to serve our clients in their moments of need.

Our Ethics

We shall:

  • Maintain the highest standards of integrity, fairness, honesty and respect in all our dealings;

  • charge fairly for our work;

  • Act competently and diligently in serving our clients;

  • Advance our clients' interests above our own;

  • Not allow our interests to conflict with those of our clients;

  • Never before, during or after termination of a retainer disclose any of our clients’ confidential information unless:

    • The client authorizes disclosure;

    • We are permitted or compelled by law to disclose;

    • We disclose the information in circumstances in which the law would compel its disclosure, despite a client's claim of privilege, and for the sole purpose of avoiding the probable commission or concealment of a serious criminal offence; and

      • Never, even where instructed to do so by our client, perform any legal work or service in breach of any of any applicable law.

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