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In Afghanistan, the Dari/Pashto version of the law is the official version. Please refer to official versions, do not rely on a translation. English translations are provided for reference only and are not official. Seek advice before relying upon any of the below resources. 

Constitution & Legislative Decrees

  • Constitution of Afghanistan - English | Dari/Pashto

  • Decree of Afghanistan President on Making Constitution Approval Week - Dari/Pashto

  • Law of Independent Commission for Overseeing the Implementation of Constitution - Dari/Pashto

International Conventions and Treaties

  • Law on International Treaties and Conventions - Dari/Pashto

  • United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods - English

  • Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations 1961 - English

  • International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination - English

  • Law of Independent Commission for Overseeing the Implementation of the Constitution - Dari/Pashto

Banking & Tax Law



Public Rulings:

Taxpayer Guides:

Criminal Laws

Penal Code - English | Dari/Pashto

Criminal Procedures Code - Dari/Pashto

Law on the Elimination of Violence Against Women - English | Dari/Pashto

Law on Investigation of Juvenile Violations - English | Dari/Pashto

Law on the Campaign Against Bribery and Administrative Corruption - English | Dari/Pashto

Law on the Structure and Authority of the Attorney General's Office - Dari/Pashto

Law on Firearms, Ammunition and Explosives - Dari/Pashto

Law on Prisons and Detention centers - English | Dari/Pashto

Regulating the Affairs of Prisons and Detention Centers - Dari/Pashto

Mines & Resources

Laws on Minerals - Dari/Pashto

Law on Nuclear Energy - Dari/Pashto

Law on Oil and Gas (Hydrocarbon) Law - Dari/Pashto

Law on Water - English | Dari/Pashto

Regulation on Water Quality Control and Maintenance - Dari/Pashto

Administration & State

Procurement Law - English | Dari/Pashto

Municipality Law - Dari/Pashto

Law on Processing Legislative Documents - Dari/Pashto

Law on Civil Aviation - English | Dari/Pashto

Government Cases Law - Dari/Pashto

Regulation on Establishment and Operations of Civil Aviation Air Transportation Institution - Dari/Pashto

Elections Law - English | Dari/Pashto

Civil Law

Civil Code - English | Dari/Pashto

Civil Procedure Code - English | Dari/Pashto

Law on Sale of Immovable Properties to Diplomatic Missions of Foreign Countries and International Organisations - Dari/Pashto

Law on Land Affairs - Dari/Pashto

Expropriation Law - Dari/Pashto

Law on Travel and Residence of Foreign Citizens in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan - Dari/Pashto

Commercial Law

Commercial Code - English | Dari/Pashto

Law on Commercial Contracts and Selling Property - Dari/Pashto

Law on Commercial Mediation and Arbitration - English | Dari/Pashto

Law on Limited Liability Companies - Dari/Pashto

Insurance Law - Dari/Pashto

Partnership Law - Dari/Pashto

Public Private Partnership Law - Dari/Pashto

Private Investment Law - English | Dari/Pashto

Non-Government Organizations Law - English | Dari/Pashto

Employment Law

Labor Law - English | Dari/Pashto

Civil Servants Law - English | Dari/Pashto

Regulation on the Recruitment of Foreign Citizens in Afghanistan's Institutions - Dari/Pashto

Cultural & Scientific Laws

Law on Civil Higher Education - Dari/Pashto

Law on the Preservation of the Historic and Cultural Heritage of Afghanistan - English | Dari/Pashto

Regulation on Private Museums - Dari/Pashto

Miscellaneous Laws

Advocates Law - English | Dari/Pashto

Law on the Regulation of Telecommunication Services - Dari/Pashto

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